Monday, January 23, 2017

Frozen Fest

I was on Facebook when I happened to see an ad for Frozen Fest at Robinson Nature Center. It looked like a fun thing to do with the kids so I texted my friend Lisa to see if they'd want to go as well and they did, so we bought some tickets.

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel after being at the Women's March on Washington the day before but surprisingly I felt fine so off we went!

We were among the first to arrive and we were barely in the door when we saw Princess Anna and Elsa and Olaf coming our way. Dakota was completely star struck and could hardly believe they were standing there. She wouldn't talk to them and was super bashful when they spoke to her. She and Harper got pictures and afterwards Dakota just stared at them for the longest time! It was really cute!

After our encounter with the famous trio we headed off to see what else there was to do while we waited for our friends to show up. Harper found a neat wheel we could spin to see how a mill works internally while Dakota found a little table filled with "snow" to play in.

Our friends showed up at this point and we headed over to the snowball toss to see how many points we could get.

As we headed to the planetarium to watch Zula Patrol- Under the Weather we stopped to learn a little about birds that are in our area year round vs. only in the winter. 

After sitting and watching a short movie about weather we stopped at a table to make a penguin craft. Well, Dakota did, Harper was in no mood to make any crafts.

While Dakota was busy making a penguin Harper noticed some people outside roasting marshmallows and running up and down the hill. We thought they were making s'more's so the kids were ready to go find the chocolate (they don't actually like s'mores or marshmallow's, just the chocolate!). They were disappointed when they realized there weren't any chocolate bars but Dakota decided to roast a marshmallow for the heck of it while Harper ran up and down the hill. 

It was a little chilly outside and we hadn't brought our big coats so we headed back in where we found another craft to make while we warmed up. (Again, Dakota did the craft while Harper wandered into another room. This time he found a working beehive.)

One of the main events of the day was making our own ice cream so we decided to go do that once Dakota finished her snowman. Harper made mint chocolate chip, Tony made strawberry and Dakota and I made chocolate. It was fun to make but it took a lot of shaking so I didn't get many photo's. The ice cream was pretty tasty though so it was worth all the work!

Just as we finished making and eating our ice cream a reptile show was about to begin so we ventured in and found some seats. The kids and Tony sat on the floor while Lisa, Evelyn and I sat in seats a couple rows behind them. The kids learned all about reptiles and got to touch snakes and turtles. They brought out a salamander but no one was allowed to touch it because of it's sensitive skin.

As we were leaving we noticed a man doing an ice carving demo. My kids couldn't have cared less (tired, hungry, DONE) so I didn't get to see the finished product (it was going to be a swan) but ice carving is pretty cool to witness in person!

Frozen Fest was a fun way to spend the afternoon and I'll definitely be looking for more activities to do with the kids at the nature center!

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