Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Advent

Tony decided to do a little advent thing for me this year and each day in December he gave me a little gift. Nothing too crazy, just thoughtful things that he knew I'd appreciate. It's funny how as you get older you appreciate the smaller things more; it's true for me anyways. 

Here's a list of the things he surprised me with:

  1. Twix Candy, (fave!)
  2. Bottle of Wine
  3. Breakfast in Bed
  4. Poinsettia
  5. Candle
  6. Foot Massage
  7. Love Letter by Email
  8. Cup of Hot Cocoa
  9. Sushi Lunch at Red Parrot
  10. Project Life Kit
  11. Warm Pajama's
  12. Demotivational Calendar (funny!)
  13. Sea Breeze packets (scented smelly baggies)
  14. Chocolate Milkshake for Dessert
  15. Movie Night (we watched Beaches, we both cried)
  16. iTunes Card
  17. Scarf 
  18. Hat and Gloves
  19. Hand Lotions from Crabtree and Evelyn
  20. Truffles
  21. Designer Soap from Crabtree and Evelyn (LUXURIOUS!!)
  22. Burts Bees Chapstick
  23. Pedicure
  24. Massage
I have to admit that I kept waiting for him to forget a day, but after about day 10, I knew he wasn't going to. I was genuinely surprised by his choices and loved every single thing. I did have a few favorite's though, of course. 

Top 5:

5) Hand Lotions- my hands are so freaking dry in the winter and the stuff he bought really makes them feel much smoother. 

4) Movie Night- as I said, we watched Beaches. It's a great movie but since I'd seen it I knew what to expect...and I still cried! Nice to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie though!

3) Warm Pajama's- Comfy pj's are always nice!

2) Foot Massage- My feet always hurt so I'm ALWAYS happy to receive a little foot TLC!

1) Scarf- I love, love, love the scarf he chose. It's long and wide and warm and fuzzy...I'm actually wearing it right now and have been all day pretty much. It's cold here and it's just the right weight to keep me warm while I'm sitting here scrap booking or blogging or whatever. My stupid picture doesn't do it justice, but here it is:

Those were my favorites, but the Grand Prize has to go to that love letter. It's still sitting in my inbox and I like to read it every once in awhile. Sometimes, when he's annoyed with me, I think about printing it and making him read it aloud so he can remember how awesome I am! Haha! I'm evil like that sometimes! Really though, once the gifts have all been used up and my scarf is ratty, I'll still have that love letter to read. 

I loved the daily reminders that he was thinking about me and showing me that he truly knows ME and what I like. Each item was chosen with love and thoughtfulness and I really appreciate everything. 💖 Looking forward to next Christmas already...haha! 😉

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