Saturday, February 11, 2017

Canvas Class

Since Dakota enjoys Artsy Partsy so much I thought we'd take Harper to one of the canvas classes they hold on Saturday mornings. After thinking about it I figured Dakota could give it a try as well even though it was recommended for ages 6 and up, so she got to go too.

There were only 4 kids this morning, my two plus Harper's buddy Colin and another girl we didn't know. I liked that the class was really small because I figured that the kids could get individual help if they needed it.

The first thing they were given was an orange sheet of scrap paper to practice drawing what they'd eventually paint.

After practicing making tree branches and birds the kids were able to use their pencils to draw the tree on their canvas. Once they had their tree branches drawn they were given some blue paint to paint over the whole thing (they could still see the pencil under the paint). 

Once the blue sky was finished they were given brown paint to start painting their trees, branches and birds. 

The final step was to add little hearts. They were given red and pink paint for that part.

Here they are with their finished products: 

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Leslie said...

They did awesome!!! I teach paint night classes and I have an event scheduled at an elementary school .. I admit, I am a little intimidated at the idea of teaching young painters. Your gang makes it look easy! Have a great weekend.

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