Saturday, December 16, 2017

Let There Be WORKING Lights!

We've been having a lot of issues with lights this year. We have a section of lights out on our main tree, a section out on the "white house" tree and the entire string went out on the tree in our dining room. As if that isn't enough, three sections of lights outside went out! It's giving me a major headache.

We've had the outside lights for several years and I decided it was time to get rid of them for good and go with LED's. So, I went to Target the other day and grabbed a bunch of LED's to replace the older lights and Tony went out and changed them. Lights are such a pain in the ass sometimes!

I attempted to figure out which lights were burnt out on the tree that went out in the dining room and when that didn't work I changed the fuses. Neither of those things worked so I ended up taking all of the ornaments off the tree, pulling the old lights off and replacing with colored LED's, then redecorated the damn thing. What a PAIN! But, its done and the tree is back to looking cute.

I'm not even going to mess with the other two trees until the holiday is over because it's hard figuring out which lights are out and I don't want to accidentally break ornaments while I'm yanking lights off. I will admit that it drives me absolutely nuts seeing portions of the tree without lights! 

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