Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good, Good Friday

The kids and I had such a fun day today. We started off by sleeping in...and then we went swimming with Travis, Lauren and Lori for a couple of hours. they had so much fun playing at the water park and just hanging out. Jaron was a little nervous at first, since he had never met travis and lauren before, but that was very short lived! They ended up playing in the pool for 2 1/2 hours!

After that we came home for a bit and then we went to dinner at Red Robin and then dessert at krispy kreme. Jaron was in heaven at that place! he just couldn't believe how good the donuts were right off the belt...he had 2 and wanted more, but I cut him off! My kids weren't too impressed since we have been there a couple times before. After that we came home and dyed easter eggs, which they just loved! we probably sat at the table for over an hour doing that. they each had 6 eggs and they turned out great. then they got to play toontown with eachother, and they topped it off with a movie (finding nemo) and popcorn in zoe's room. They had a terrific time and jaron told me he had a lot of fun while visiting with us. It is always so nice to have him stay here, and I hope he will stay with us more often.

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Water Balloons

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