Thursday, March 20, 2008

Skate Zone

Mom and Jaron drove up to see us yesterday so that Jaron could stay with us for part of their Spring break, and so mom could show us her new car. (She got a Prius since she is going to be going back to work and driving nearly an hour one way.)   IMG_9562

We didn't do much yesterday, just hung around the house letting the kids play and mom and I chatted the day away. IMG_9559

Today we took the kids to lunch and then to the skating rink. They had so much fun roller skating! Jaron has improved on his skating so much from playing hockey, he was really confident out there and whizzing by most of the kids! Zoe is a good skater too, but she doesn't do any "tricks", just skates along at her own pace. This was Landon's second time skating and he just loves it. He must have fallen 50 times, but he always got right back up and kept going. He did much better when he wasn't trying to keep up with Zoe and Jaron...but, he always want's to do what they do.

 IMG_9552IMG_9554 IMG_9556 IMG_9558

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Water Balloons

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