Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kings Dominion 2008

Yesterday was the chorus trip to Kings Dominion, and boy, what a tiring day! We had to be at the school by 7am, we left at 7:30 and got to the high school around 9:30am for their performance. They did pretty good, but the chorus teacher has been out nearly half the year because she had to have an operation. She was supposed to be at the performance yesterday, but I guess she wasn't feeling well yesterday morning, so she didn't make it. One of the other mom's on the trip acted as conductor for them, so they did the best with what they had. They earned a trophy and for that they were happy!

We got to the park at 1:45pm or so, and from there we just ran from ride to ride. The girls were able to get on everything they wanted, but I did have to pull them out of line from "The Crypt" because we needed to run to the bus! They weren't happy, but boy was I ready to go...I was pooped! All I heard about on the bus ride home had nothing to do with the rides they rode, but the boys that were in line with them! Apparently it was just one "hot guy with good hair" after the other! Seriously, that is what they were judging their hotness by! Their hair! Most of them slept on the way back, and we finally got back to the school around 11pm.

Zoe and I couldn't wait to get home and go to bed! We were so tired from running around all day, but we had a good time!

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