Saturday, May 3, 2008

Papa and Meme's visit

Mom and Dad came up for a visit and we all went to watch Landon's baseball game. It made his day that they came up to see him play, although he did act pretty silly about it...we think he felt like he was missing out on something since he was out there playing and we were all watching...who knows. He did very well in all the positions he played and was able to get a couple more outs for his team. These pictures were taken after Papa said something funny (I think) but it is a real, honest to goodness, laughing picture...and those are very hard to get when it comes to Landon! He is always putting on his fake smile, so these are really great!

I also had to get some pic's of Dad with his cast...from when he slipped off of the curb mowing the grass! He is now in a cast for at least four weeks, and then they will decide if he needs surgery or not. I am hoping it gets better on it's own and I am sure he hopes that too! We all took turns signing his cast, and Tony signed "PC Support". We all thought that was pretty funny!

Since Dad broke his foot and wouldn't be able to drive his truck (because it was a manual) he also got to show us his new Nissan Titan.

It is gorgeous, and of course I had to take it for a quick spin around the neighborhood. It is such a nice, quiet ride, but I am so glad I am not putting the gas in that thing!

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