Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meet Me at the Track!

Tony and I decided to get Mario Kart "for the kids" this past weekend. It came out Saturday at midnight, and we picked it up on Sunday afternoon. Tony and I have played it every night since. The kids play too, but they aren't nearly as excited about it as we are. Ever since Tony showed me how to play online, I have gotten a little addicted.

Today, it seems that I may have taken the game a little too far by backing into my neighbor's car! For some reason my neighbor parked his car across the street from our house (normally he doesn't) and in my rush to drive Landon up to the bus stop (it was raining) I backed right up into his car. I broke the passenger side window, completely, and put an enormous dent in his 20 year old car. After getting Landon to the bus stop, I went and woke him up to let him know that I had just banged up his car. He is my neighbors' son (probably in his early 20's) and I had seen him before many times, and said hello, but never really introduced unfortunately, this was how I introduced myself "Hi, I'm Angela and I just put a huge dent in your car!"

Of course our truck (Expedition) isn't even scratched. Just the bumper of my truck hit his window/door, at about 5 mph...since I was only backing up. Landon of course thought that the whole thing was terribly exciting and said "MOM! What was that?" When I told him I had just hit the car parked behind me, he said "This is a really bad accident!"

Well, the irony here is this: Just yesterday I took Landon to get a haircut. On the way home he was asking me about car accidents; why, I don't know. But he said "Mom, you'll never have a car accident." And when I asked him why he thought that he said "Because your so careful!"

Guess I showed him!

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