On the way to the movies today, somehow we got on the subject of birthdays and anniversaries. For some reason Zoe mentioned that her friends grandparents were about to celebrate their 50th and that they were going to get married again. I said " you mean renew their vows" and she said, yeah that's what it's called. Landon's little brain was working hard to figure this all out and he said "you mean like say a, e, i, o, u?" LOL! I thought that was just hilarious!

Anyway's, we went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It was pretty good, the scenery in the movie was amazing and the acting was pretty decent (especially since the kids are so young!) , but the first one was (in my opinion) much better. This one was darker and had a lot of fighting in it, just not my kind of thing. The kids liked it, but even Zoe said she liked the first one better, and lord knows we never agree on anything! Going to the movies is such an expensive event these days that we hardly ever go. I think we spent nearly $60.00 for 4 tickets, 2 sodas, 1 popcorn and one candy for each of the kids. I suppose we won't be going back for awhile...


Helena said…
OOh we never go either, just works out way too expensive!!!! and it's not like you go overboard or anything!!!
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Amanda said…
AEIOU! That's so funny! Kids definitely see the world in a different perspective :-)

$60 for the movies, I believe it! So sad! And I'm sure you spent a fortune in gas to drive to the theater too...
Going to the movies is ony fun when it's FREE lately! Thank goodness they have free kid movies by me in the spring and fall! Otherwise this family of 9 would NEVER go!

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