Great Summer Memories

When I was a kid we went on all different kinds of vacations and mini trips. Because we were military we were able to go a lot of places that we probably wouldn't have if we weren't military.

Of all the trips we took though, I think some of my fondest memories are of visiting where my parents grew up (in Oklahoma)  and seeing all of our extended relatives. My mom is 1 of 15 so our family on her side is quite large, while my dad's side is small with him only having one brother. I loved visiting my cousins and grandparents houses. They all lived close together and were able to see each other pretty often, and we were only able to visit every few years or so, but they always made me feel loved and matter how long it had been since the last time they saw us, and it is still the same when we go to visit now.

We made the drive from Maryland to Oklahoma a few years ago,    ( it took 3, 8 hour, days each way) and even though the drive was LONG it was really nice to see all of my cousins and aunts and uncles again! It had been so many years since the last time I had seen them, but they welcomed us all and it was as though we had never left!


mse006 said…
wow 1 of 15 now that is a family gathering!!
Ellie said…
Wow your mom has a big family. I guess your mom made up for your father's side. LOL I think it's great to have a big family.
My goodness, how do you keep track of them all when you don't see them often.

Very nice memory and I hope you get to see them soon.
Carmen Olson said…
Family vacations can be so fun! My dad is the baby of 15 so we have lots of relatives on one side too.
Helena said…
WOW, that is a big family!!!

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