Hot to Trot!

My sister LaTisha came up for a visit today. I couldn't believe she actually came! She is a nurse and she works wacky hours, but she still made the trip up to see me and the kids for the day. I took her up the Arundel Mills to look for a dress for her big date with Lorenzo. He wants her to wear a dress (something she NEVER does) and get her hair done so he can take her out for her birthday. He just wants her to have a special day and for everything to be perfect.IMG_0444 So, anyways, we went to the mall and she tried on one dress and it happened to be "the one"! It just looked so cute on her and the price was perfect!  Of course because my sister is a total shoe freak she had to also get a pair of heels to go with her new dress...and that was a little tougher, since she's a little picky, but we did find these cute little she is all ready for her big night out! IMG_0438 Jaron decided to spend a few days with us since he is now out of school, so the kids are thrilled about that. Half of the neighborhood is hanging out at our house right now, playing charades and tag and board games...they are all having such a great time!

IMG_0448One other pic to share and it is of Zoe and LaTisha showing off their fancy little dresses...really it is Zoe showing Aunt TT her 8th grade dress and me telling them to let me get a pic, but whatever!  They sure are cute!


Amanda said…
Your sister looks great! I hope she has a good time on her birthday! Love the shoes too!
Me said…
So sweet! I hope her date is fun. She sure looks cute, as does your daughter.

I often say no but I really do like when all the kids from the street are here at out house. I love to see them playing and having fun in a safe place!
i still can't get over how much your sis looks like you're mom. crazy! she's one hot mama! and so are you!
Helena said…
Wow she looks fab!!!

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