Ocean City 6/25/08

The weather finally cooperated with us and we got to make our trip out to Ocean City. The weather was really nice, about 85 degrees or so, but the water was freezing! Landon didn't mind it at all though. He jumped waves, looked for seashells, boogie boarded and played in the sand. Zoe played in it for a bit when we first got there, but after lunch she wouldn't go back in because it was just too cold! We got home around 7pm and we were all anxious to get in the shower and get all that sand off! After we were all clean we sat down and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles (hated it!) and then we all went to bed, exhausted. I hope to make it back out there another day next week, we'll see.


amandadaye said…
Kids, for some reason, do not care how cold the water is. Why is that? We had some chilly evenings recently. We went swimming and I went under the water. It was so darn cold that it took my breath away. I swear my heart stopped while I was under there. I couldn't get to the top fast enough.
Me said…
See, you can handle anything when you have no bills! LOL! My kids are the same way with water.

I love the photo of Landon in the goggles with his shell.
Helena said…
ooh fantastic layout!

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