So grateful

Today's blog is to write a letter about who/what we are grateful for. I'm not so good at writing letters, so I will just make a list! Cheating? I don't think so...

  • My husband and children. The older I get the more I realize just how important these three people are to me. We share so much. We know how to make each other laugh, how to make each other mad, we know each others quirks and what makes us each special and unique and our strengths and weaknesses. We spend so much time together that sometimes we make each other crazy, but  most of the time we are happy to be around each other.
  • My parents are terribly special to me, and again the older I get the more I realize how much I need them. I am really glad that they live closer to us and we see them much more often now. I know it wasn't a move that they wanted to make, but I am certainly reaping the benefits of having them closer.
  • My sister and brother. Of course we don't spend all that much time together right now, but as they get settled with their new jobs and life, hopefully they will come visit me every once in awhile. Both of them are very different people, but both are special and will always have a special place in my heart.
  • My little dog, Ginger. I am grateful for her because she is just a sweet dog. She is always happy to see me and no matter what, and she is just so easy to please. Just a little treat or walk and she is happy as can be. I wish everything was that simple sometimes.
  • I am grateful for my mother-in-law, who I know I can depend on and she will always help us, no matter what. She is always more than happy to watch the kids for us, or help with a project, or whatever. She is just happy to be able to help us, and we are very grateful (and lucky) to have her.
  • I am grateful that we live in a nice house, that my car is still running, that my air conditioner works, that we are all healthy, that I have a great tree in the front yard that gives me shade on my porch, that I get to scrapbook, for all my friends (past and present), for iced tea, summer vacation and chocolate. I could go on and on, but you get the idea!


Me said…
It says a lot about you charcter that you are grateful for the big and small. Nice list!!!
Carmen Olson said…
What a fabulous blog! I hope the people you are grateful for get to see this blog.
Jen said…
What a great list!
Ellie said…
Isn't great how we have so many wonderful things in our life. That is the reason it doesn't pay for me to get stressed over things anymore. Great blog.
Helena said…
Fanatastic list, clever way of doing it!!!!

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