We Love Ikea!

We made a trip out to Ikea this morning to look for a desk for Zoe's room...she had stuff sitting in the middle of the floor for nearly 2 weeks since we got rid of the last one, so it was time. I had no idea what I wanted but ended up finding a really nice, plain black wood desk; and since she needed some drawers we got a set of matching drawers for underneath...

We also found a desk lamp for $3.99 and some dry erase boards for above the desk. She just had to have the wipe boards so we got two, and then one for Landon's room because he just HAD to have one too! I still feel like there is something missing, but I just don't what it is...but I see in the pic that I need to hide those cords! Surprised



Hey angela!
Just wanted to let you know that I popped onto your blog to check it out! Your family sounds a LOT like my family! and i love Ugly Betty too! lol.

I will definitely be checking in again!

Scrap Evangel said…
That looks cool. And I love the drawings on the wall.
Ellie said…
It looks great. Love the ladies on the wall.
That is really a nice desk! I love the simple lines.
Carmen Olson said…
We love Ikea too! We went for the first time last month. We'll return I'm sure!
Marsha said…
I love Ikea too!!

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