Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To You...

Yesterday we went to spend the day with my dad since his birthday is today. We didn't really have anything planned so we just kinda hung out at their house till 2, then we went to see the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was ok. Tony and I thought that the acting was a little on the bad side and the story line was a little lacking, but the kids enjoyed it and it is kind-of neat to see a movie in 3-D. It just makes it a little more interesting when it's in 3-D...a novelty I guess. Landon didn't wear his glasses for most of the movie, he just hates 3-D and 4-D movies; he says they're too scary.

After the movie, Mom, Tisha and I took the kids to the pool for an hour or so, then we went back and had a wonderful dinner that Lorenzo spent the day making. He worked really hard all day on the dinner but even went ahead and made dessert too! He made a birthday cake as well as cupcakes! Yum!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share because I forgot to put my memory card in my camera before we left home; hopefully Mom will send me some of the pic's she got. Hint, hint!

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Carmen O. said...

Sounds like a great day. Sorry you didn't get pix.

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