Monday, July 28, 2008

Shine On!

We finally broke down and bought Zoe a cell phone. We chose the red LG Shine, and she couldn't be happier. We had been thinking about getting her a phone for quite a while and decided that straight A's and entering high-school were good reasons to get her a phone. We feel that if she is going to be staying after school for sports or other activities we want to be able to contact her and vice versa. 

We ended up letting Landon give her the phone. He went downstairs with it, talking to me, and when he got down where she was he handed her the phone and said "It's for you". She gave him a weird look (later saying she thought it was a toy phone) and took it and said "Hello?". When I answered she nearly crapped! She didn't know what was going on until Landon said "It's your new phone." and then she started to put it all together. It worked out well, and she is texting away at this very moment. Hopefully she won't be too disappointed when she hears the rules...which will include no texting at the dinner table, no text/talk after 10pm and no downloading! {Can you tell by the look in the picture that she isn't getting it? lol...}

 The new MP-3 player!

We didn't want Landon to feel too left out, so we gave him his own MP-3 player. He doesn't know that it was my old one (it's still in great condition!). He's only 7, but he loves music and is always begging to use Zoe's which of course doesn't happen. So, we thought instead of having it sitting around unused, he can have it with music he's a win-win situation!


Nnairda's said...

How sweet! I'm sure she's a happy camper.


Carmen O. said...

I agree teens need a phone, my son has had one for awhile. It's nice to be able to keep track of him especially when he "forgets" to tell us where he is.

How sweet to make Landon feel special too!

ValAnn said...

I am dreading the next year or two when my two oldest start asking... I think they do need one with after school activities and what not, did you realize that there really aren't pay phones in the schools anymore? At least not our high school... they know the kids have cell phones!

Anonymous said...

My parents have been after me forever to get some sort of cell phone... even saying they'd put me on their plan or whatever and foot the bill. With my husband always being gone, they want me to have one for emergencies and so that the children's teachers can contact me immediately. They say it doesn't matter if I can't hear, because I can text msg. Maybe when my children are older and I want to text them immediately will I get one...especially if I'm working full time somewhere and they are in after school activities.

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