Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where's the Beach?

Today we decided to take a break from the beach. (hard to believe I know...but a necessary break, believe me!) There are so many things to do down here and we are quickly running out of time. So, first we went to walk around Broadway at the Beach again, this time to check out the stores. We found this cool place called Ride Makerz where Landon was able to custom design and build a car. He chose a Dodge Viper body and went crazy from there adding monster wheels and even made it remote controlled. It was really fun to do, and he has had a lot of fun driving it today. IMG_1090 IMG_1089 After building the car, Zoe and I went to the Stupid Factory where she got a couple silly t-shirts. Check out their web-site, they have some really funny stuff! IMG_1092 IMG_1098When we were done there it was lunchtime so we headed over to Hard Rock Cafe where we scarfed down our food so that we would make it to Le Grande Cirque on time. The show started at 2pm and it was 2 hours long, but it was so awesome! The kids had never been to a Cirque du Soleil IMG_1108 show with us before, so this was something really new and fun for them. As if that wasn't enough we then went to use our passes for Ripley's Believe It or Not. We weren't too impressed with it, and Tony and I thought that the aquarium was better. IMG_1113 After all that we were pretty pooped, so we came back to the room, put on our suits and headed to the pool.

Oh yeah, mom and dad, here is that picture you told me to be sure to get!


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