Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today was Tony's much anticipated/dreaded foot surgery; he had to have a bunion removed from his left foot. His surgery was scheduled for 8am, so we got there around 7:30 to do the paperwork and sit and bite our nails until they called him back. I had planned on waiting in the lobby for him, but the lady at the desk said it would probably be a couple hours, so I went home for awhile. When I got back at 10am they still hadn't finished and it wasn't until 10:40 that I saw them wheel him out. We finally got home around 11:15 or so, and he has been in bed since. I don't expect him to move much this weekend...hopefully he will be able to get around somewhat early next week. I am so glad it is over, I just felt a huge wave of stress lift as soon as we got back home. (The title comes from what Tony and I guessed this procedure was called!)

While I was waiting for Tony to get out of surgery today, I read about this site called Cash4Books. I know I have some books that I can get rid of around here (Tony does too...but he is much more reluctant than I am!). I am feeling the need to purge, and books are always a good start. There are a select few that I won't get rid of, but most of them I know I will never read again...maybe I will get a little dinero for them, I gotta give this site a try!


Ellie said...

Books, books and more books that's me I love them. I posted a picture of some of my books in my bookcases when I moved some furniture and that's just 1/2 of them. Going to check out the website but I am reluctant about getting rid of them.

Brandon Checketts said...

If you haven't gone through your used books yet, you should try out to compare prices from a bunch of different sites, including Cash4Books. They probably offer the highest prices overall, but it always pays to shop around. Other sites will sometimes offer more, or even buy books that they don't buy.

Water Balloons

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