Purple Toes

After finally getting an appointment with my doctor she told me there was really nothing she could do except send me to an Orthopedic doctor and let them have a look. So, I came straight home and called and now have an appointment for tomorrow at 2.

I picked Zoe up from Mema's house (she took the kids to the pool) and brought her to her 2nd round of try-outs and then got Tony to the Radiologist to get his post operation x-rays. Landon didn't want to come with us so he stayed with Mema for awhile longer, and then she brought him home in time for us to go pick Zoe up from the school. I was so nervous I couldn't even sit in the car to wait. I had to get out and pace...but, she did make the team, and we are so happy for her! I am just thrilled that she will be starting with a new team and she will get to know a new bunch of girls. She has several games (12) and three scrimmages, all of which will be held after school during the week. She hasn't decided wether or not she will play for her other team, but I have left the decision up to her.

IMG_0218 Tony's doctor showed me how to "exercise" his toe yesterday, so today I have been trying to do that for him. I don't know which one of us is more worried about the pain. I barely move his toe back and forth, but all I can imagine is the pins holding his foot together popping out and his toes falling off! He definitely feels pressure (and a little pain) when I am moving his toe, but its all for the greater good. At least that's what his doctor told us...


Carmen O. said…
Those toes look so sore! I hope he's feeling better soon. I had toes like that once, I tried stepping over boots in the back doorway and ended up falling down the two steps and into the door twisting my left ankle badly. Got a purple foot and toes out of it.

Glad to hear your daughter made the team.
Ellie said…
Boy I'm sorry to hear about those toes. They look like they really hurt. I hope he gets better soon.
Amanda said…
Yow! Those toes look painful! I hope Tony is feeling better soon.

Hope your knee is better soon too!!!!

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