Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2nd Set Absolutely Free!

Our family schedule is pretty hectic at times, and during the week we rarely have down time; at least not until after 8pm or so when Landon goes to bed. After school for us includes homework, soccer practice/games, dinner and then maybe an hour of "free" time. My kids don't typically use this time to watch TV except when they are just too tired to do anything else. So, the only time Landon really watches any TV is in the morning for about half an hour before school. I am beginning to wonder if this is too much! I mean it's really not the shows so much as the commercials! In the past couple of weeks Landon has informed me that:

  • he would like about 15 different sets of car tracks that he keeps seeing on TV. One of them is even designed for a really young child (3+) but Landon seems to think he NEEDS this toy. He doesn't even play with cars or tracks! Never really has.
  • if Tony loses his job, there is a guy on TV that will give him a second chance. WTH? I cannot figure out what this commercial is (I DVR everything, so I never see commercials!) but Landon is convinced that should Tony ever lose his job, this guy will help him! Is it really that easy? You just call him up, he speaks with your employer, you get the 2nd chance? Landon says it is...
  • if you buy one set of Aqua Globes, you get the 2nd set absolutly free! This one really made us laugh because yesterday I came home with a box of these, Landon of course spotted them and said "Mom, did you know you can get another box of those for free?". Tony and I just thought it was hilarious! Landon didn't think it was so funny, after all, the guy on TV said you would get a second set free! He probably thinks I am such a loser for only getting one set when I could have gotten two.

These are all examples of things he is taking in and he only watches TV for about 1/2 an hour a day! I cannot imagine the crap we would hear if he watched more!


Carmen O. said...

Oh yeah, I remember those days, Mitchell my oldest was the one to tell me all about what was on commercials. Man, their little minds just soak it all up!

Margot said...

I totally agree with you. I homeschool and the kids get bits of tv throughout the day. I try to keep them to one channel but it mostly plays toddler shows and they are outgrowing them but the channels that show some better cartoons or shows like Littlehouse and Andy griffith have commercials that are for adults. I've been asked what sex is by my 6 year just because the tv told him to ask. And he wants to buy everything! I'm trying to get dvd's of the good old shows so we can start doing without the tv.

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