Thursday, October 9, 2008


IMG_1083 Today was our annual trip to the farm. The kids were out of school today for Yom Kippur, so we used it as an excuse to go! As usual, we had a great time, but every year I think that place gets busier. I started going to that farm years ago when Zoe was in daycare (I worked there). I think the first year we went she was probably 3 or 4 and I am pretty sure we have been every year since, which means that this would be our 10th year or so! We took Landon's friend with us and he was thrilled to see these animals up close! There are the usual farm animals (pigs, ducks, turkeys, horses, cows) and the not so usual (emu, steer, zebra). We also went on a hay ride and saw a show about farm animals that included a pig race. IMG_1068 The pigs were only a couple months old, but man they are quick! There were five pigs and the one our section was rooting for won! Her name was Bluebutt! We learned that Bluebutt wasn't just her name, but actually the type of pig she was. Guess I learned something new today!

Today was also Tony's birthday. Unfortunately he had to work, so we didn't really do a big celebration or anything, but he did open his gifts this evening. Here is the card and altered canvas that I made him:











This was my first attempt at altering canvas, and it was a lot of fun! I was nervous about trying it, but now I am really glad I did! Both the card and canvas were made using (mostly) scraps, so that was another good way of using up some old paper...and that ALWAYS makes me happy!


Carmen O. said...

Both card and canvas are fabulous! I really adore the card-the stitching sets it off perfectly. One of these days I'll try a canvas.

Ellie said...

Looks really nice. Like the way you layered the paper. Cute smiles!

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