Sunday, October 12, 2008


I finally got my window fixed on my truck yesterday. The tech came to our house and replaced it which was nice. I missed Landon's soccer game waiting on the tech, but I heard that Landon played goalie and did an excellent job!IMG_0293 Once everyone got home, I had to take some ribs I bought the day before back to Costco's because when we opened the package there was this foul odor coming from them. They were so gross smelling! I wasn't very happy that I had to make another trip to Costco's and then when I got there they didn't have any ribs that didn't have a next day sell by date. I didn't want to take any chances that they too would be bad.

My kids spent the night with my mother in law last night, and they wanted to go over early to play, so they left our house around 1:00 or so. Tony and I didn't know what to do with ourselves! We ended up going to the mall to see about getting me a new cell phone, but because we didn't have insurance on our phones, I will have to pay full price. I am going to call their customer service to see if they can do something for me. After the mall, we went to downtown Ellicott City. I haven't been down there is so many years, and it is such a nice antique/specialty shopping area. We spent an hour or so there and then headed home to get ready to go out to dinner.

Because Tony and I didn't really get to do much for our birthday's this year, Tony made reservations at Aldo's in Baltimore's Little Italy. We went last night and it was a really nice restaurant with great food and great service. When we first go there it wasn't too busy, but by the time we left (2 hours later) it was packed! Our dinners were both very good, but for me the best part was the dessert! I have had plenty of chocolate cake in my life, but never like the cake I had last night! I can't even describe how good it was! So, if you are ever in Baltimore and craving some Italian fine dining, try Aldo's!

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Carmen O. said...

mmmm Chocolate cake mmmmm. I wish I could travel to see all these cool places I read about on people's blogs. That would be awesome. Gotta win the lottery LOL ;).

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