All bad things happen in 3's....right?

Let me start with the beginning here.

  1. Zoe had a game on Tuesday which we were unable to attend. During the game, she got hurt (rolled her ankle) and was in a lot of pain Tuesday night and Wednesday. I ended up getting an evening appt. with her doctor on Wednesday but because he wasn't sure if it was just sprained he needed us to get x-rays. So, on the way home from there we called the x-ray place and found out they were open until 8:30pm so we headed straight there to get the x-rays. Because it was so late though, there were no doctors available to read the results so we just went home. It ends up a good story in that she didn't break her ankle, she just really hurt it. Phew. But, she is out of soccer and gym for 2 weeks, and while unsporty kids would love this, it is near criminal for Zoe to have to sit out of her soccer games.
  2. We went to the farm yesterday (as you know from my last post!) but afterwards Landon went to his friends house to play. When I went to pick him up that afternoon, he didn't look good. He said his head hurt as well as his stomach, and he has a yucky cough right now too. So, we came home and within minutes of lying on the couch, he was out. IMG_1157I let him sleep for about 30 minutes then put him in the tub and he felt much better. When he woke up this morning he said his throat hurt and he was coughing some, so I gave him a little cough medicine and we went up and back about him going to school. In the end he decided he wanted to go, and that he would call me if he started feeling bad. I hate making those kind of decisions...I am always worried I should keep him home, but then I feel he should go as long as he's feeling up to it. Sheesh. So far, he hasn't called...but it is only 9:50 am!
  3. On our way to the bus stop I noticed there were several cop cars in our neighborhood. Apparently there were several cars broken into. I didn't notice anything wrong with mine on the way out the door to the bus stop, so I wasn't worried about it. On the way home from the bus stop however, this is what I saw: IMG_1168  IMG_1169







Someone did vandalize my car and steal my GPS unit and cell phone. Like an idiot I left my cell in the car charging yesterday! I have never left my cell phone in the car before, but yesterday we were so busy that I completely forgot about it! So, I am out a cell phone and GPS unit. Hopefully this is the end of my bad luck streak...


holy cow! hope they get the vandals. and hopefully your bad streak has ended.

are you wanting fabric coasters? let me know and i'll get them on my "to do" list. sorry about the delay, i'm about to post the reason why in a sec.
Tony said…
We have a bottle of wine, that is not opened yet. Maybe this the weekend.

I know I am getting a 6-pack
Carmen O. said…
Wow I hope they get the vandals too! I hate seeing this happen to anyone.

Yep break out that wine and try and relax.

Things gotta get better :).
Lydia said…
O' MY! I hope everyone starts to feel better soon. Sorry to hear about your car. Hopefully they will catch the person(s) who did this.
togetherforgood said…
Yuck! What a miserable week! I hope everything gets better for you soon! :)
Amanda said…
Oh, my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear these awful things! You're right they do always seem to happen in threes... Hang in there! Hopefully things will begin to look up from here.

I hope Patti understands about PS&S and SNSS. I posted a similar response about my non-participation in swaps these days...
Ellie said…
Wow that's a lot of stuff going on. I hope Zoe's ankle feels better soon and Landon cough goes away.

As for the car, I can't believe how people ain't got nothing better to do than destroy other peoples property. That sucks!

Bad things do come in threes but get ready because good things come right after.

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