Aut-yum Cookies

IMG_1304 Tonight Landon and I made cookies for dessert. I saw a recipe in the current Family Fun issue and I was just dying to try them because they looked so simple. The recipe uses pre-made pie crust, so cutting shapes with the cookie cutters is quick and painless and since we didn't have a fall leaf cutter we just used several different ones we had on hand. I must admit though, that while the cookies were fun to make, they weren't a big hit when it came to the taste. I think the problem was the pie crust was just too prominent. The chocolate and/or peanut butter chip fillings were good, but eating the outer dough wasn't so great. Landon and I had a good time making them though, so not all was lost!

IMG_1306 IMG_1309


Carmen O. said…
That's a different way to make cookies. Too bad they weren't quite what you wanted. When my mom made pie we'd use all the scraps and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar. I love those! Wow that's a random memory.
Ellie said…
They look good even though you said they didn't taste so hot. At least you had fun making them.
Lydia said…
Are you talking about the rollos (sp?) recipe? I believe that is where I saw it. Anyways, those look good!
Nnairda's said…
Yummy! Thanks for stopping by!


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