Wednesday, October 29, 2008


 IMG_1338 Tonight we found a little time to clean out and carve our pumpkins. Because the pumpkins are always so hard to cut, Landon and Zoe pounded golf tee's into their small pumpkins creating a pattern (sort of) and then cleaned them out afterwards. I don't remember where I saw that idea, but I thought it was great, and the kids both really enjoyed it. I drew my pumpkin's face real quick and cut it out, nothing too fancy, but Tony is deep in thought over his pumpkin so it is still sitting outside faceless. IMG_1351Landon is really getting excited about Friday! He is looking forward to wearing his costume to school for the Halloween parade and Trick-or-Treating that night. Zoe still hasn't really shown me what she's wearing, all I know is she and Theresa plan to look "gangsta". LOL, should be interesting! Whatever these kids do, I sure hope they are dressed warm. It has been really chilly here already, and walking around at night isn't any fun when you're freezing to death!


Carmen O. said...

Cute pumpkins! I said to Tim that the squirrel could've carved the pumpkin into a nice jack o lantern for us. I did catch him/her on top of the pumpkin the other day as I went to check the mailbox. I wish I would've had the camera! He had his paws full and stuffing all he/she could in his/her mouth. I said you monster and he/she scampered off.

Lydia said...

Cute pumpkins! We are going to go and buy our Family pumpkin tomorrow and card that one. I cant wait. Not to sure what we are going to do this time around to it. I hope you get some awesome photos of your kids in there costume.

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