Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gallon Size Ghosts!

IMG_1246 I saw this project in last years October Family Fun issue and thought it would be a cute/quick project we could all do for Halloween. I've always liked to do these kinds of activities with the kids, but since they are getting older and are always so busy, we haven't really done anything in quite awhile. So I saved up 4 milk cartons and we sat down one night and drew up these silly looking cartons! Bet you can't figure out who drew who!!!



             I found a box of blueberry muffin mix at the grocery store yesterday and just had to get it! It's the first time I've seen a box mix with read blueberries included! They were delicious! The kids even liked them, which always make me happy! 

Zoe had her final high school soccer game yesterday and her team won 8-0. It's really too bad that she didn't get to play the last couple games, but the good news is her ankle is looking much better! Her team is holding a soccer banquet in the beginning of December and she is looking forward to going to that. I guess track will be her next sport so that should be fun.

IMG_1253 Landon has been working on his reading skills and I am noticing that he is just getting better and better. I think part of it is because he is finding books that he is really interested in as well as becoming more confident that he can do it. He still wants to be a little lazy when it comes to sounding out new words, but with a little encouragement he even gets over that. He found a couple silly Halloween books at the store this weekend and he is nearly finished with both of them already!  I wanted to get a picture of him reading all by himself because I just can't get over how big my kids are getting already!


Amanda said...

I love the milk cartons. What a great idea!

The muffins look awesome. I've used that mix before and I really love how they taste.

Yeah! Way to go Landon! Good reading :-)

Carmen O. said...

Cute milk cartons! mmmm muffins I made lemon ones last week. WTG Landon!

Lydia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Those milk cartons pumpkins! Going to have to try that out here with my kids tonight!

Also LOVE LOVE blueberry muffins. Now you got me hungry for some! :)

The Fry's said...

Those milk jug pumpkins are awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing that! And yes! Those blueberry muffins with the double cans of real berries are the only ones we use. Sometimes I would even steal one of the cans of blueberries for pancakes. They look yummy!

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