Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

IMG_1264 IMG_1266

This week is Spirit week for Zoe's school. As you can see, today was Wacky Wednesday! She's certainly got wacky down! Don't you love those toe socks and the bikini top? You can't really see that she has a face painting in the photo on the right, but for $.50 they were able to get a painting during lunch. I sure remember having spirit week while I was in high school, and I ALWAYS dressed up for it! Tomorrow is Disney day, too bad we don't have any princess costumes lying around!

Tonight was Landon's book fair. We found several books that we thought looked good, and we bought quite a bit this year. We are doing all that we can to keep Landon reading. After we paid for our books (and waited in a horribly long line) we went to the show they were having in the cafeteria. The kids loved it, but it was really pretty awful...I know it was for the kids, but really, it was torture!


The Fry's said...

hahaha! How funny! When I was in school, I wanted to do crazy stuff so bad, but I was too embarrassed and shy, but you wouldn't know it now!!! Kuddos to her! And kuddos to you for setting through the boring show... Have a great night!

Carmen O. said...

That is so cool that your daughter partakes in all the fun! I was too shy to do those things too. I did make up for it in college though :o).

susan and sometimes aaron said...

seriously, life totally comes full circle. isn't it weird when kids start doing and liking the same things we did. she was definitely way wackier than we ever were! ;)

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