Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Little Ratatouille


Photos of Landon helping me bake cookies. I received the Ratatouille character in an auction; the lady who created him did so with her Wishblade...pretty cool, huh?

Today turned out to be quite a busy day around here. We had our first snow flurries this afternoon, and my kids were beside themselves, they were so excited! I made Zoe a doctors appointment because she has been complaining that her hip hurt for awhile now. She started saying it hurt about a month ago, but I thought it was probably just a bruise or something from soccer. So, we went and the doctor told her no PE or sports activities for 2 weeks to see if the pain goes away. If not, we'll see an Orthopedic. This year so far she has had a fractured wrist, sprained ankle and now this hip thing. She's falling apart at 13! Poor kid!

Then, because I was thinking about it I called the dentist office to ask if I should be worried about Landon's discolored, loose tooth. They recommended that I come in and have it looked at, so almost right after he got off the school bus I took him up the dentist's office. When I told him we were going to see the dentist about his tooth, he cried and cried because he was so worried we were going to walk in there and the doctor was going to just yank it out or something. After the dentist examined the tooth and was sure there wasn't any infection, he said to leave it alone and it would come out on it's own; he went on to say that there are enough people in the world already that are deathly afraid of dentists and he didn't want to create another! He said he could see the adult tooth right beneath the baby tooth, and it was discolored because it was no longer alive basically. So, I got two doctor appts. out of the way in one day!


Carmen O. said...

Yea Landon didn't have to have his tooth pulled! Sorry to hear about Zoe's hip. I love that Ratatouille LO too! I want a wishblade LOL. So you finally got snow huh?

Amanda said...

Oh, dude! You make me want to use my Remy!!! I need to find some photos, stat! Great job once again!

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