Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day (a little late!)


Landon had to make sure that Santa's plate of cookies (and candy canes and chocolate bar) was just so. He must have rearranged this a dozen or more times. He poured the milk and made sure all the letters to Santa were right where he would find them. He was so excited he didn't think he would get to sleep, but he was so tired he didn't have much trouble at all. Zoe didn't have any trouble either. As a matter of fact, she may have been asleep before Landon!

IMG_2309 I can't believe Christmas is over. All the preparation that goes into the holiday is enough to keep anyone busy, but then all at once it's over. I am glad that it's over and then I'm not. It just isn't every day that you can get this expression on Zoe's face! Can you tell she was a little surprised?  I'm not as ready as I usually am for all the decorations to come down and for life to resume as normal...luckily for me it doesn't really go back to "normal" until the kids go back to school, in another week or so.

IMG_2341 My parents, sister/nephew/future brother-in-law, in-laws, and brother-in-law+wife came over for dinner yesterday afternoon. There was a total of 13 of us and man was it crazy! Dinner ended up being really good, thanks to Tony and Lorenzo, but I had this crazy idea to use our "good" dishes that had to be hand washed...well, 2 hours of dishes SUCKED! Not so "good" after all! But they sure looked nice! Dessert was awesome as well, kudo's to Lorenzo and LaTisha! After dinner (and thousands of dishes) we all headed downstairs to play Guitar Hero World Tour. What a blast! Everyone was getting into it and singing along, it was hilarious! I'll have to watch the video I took of it and see if there's anything to share, most of it was pretty horrible though. We've discovered that the drums are the most difficult to play, so we have some work to do.


Landon finally got the chance to ride his motor scooter today. He's been looking forward to it and it was the one super-duper important thing he wanted for Christmas, so he was just thrilled when he saw that good ole Santa pulled through for him! Since this post is getting a little long, I'll leave you with one final pic of him on (one of) his new favorite toys!


Carmen O. said...

Awww looks like an awesome Christmas! Landon looks so cute on his motor scooter. When we had Christmas at my aunt's when I was a kid it seemed like we always ended up with 13 for dinner. It was funny when we discovered it too! I'm sure the dishes/table looked awesome and thankfully it's only once a year!

Anonymous said...

Love the last picture!! It's great when Santa pulls through.

Does your little girl still believe in Santa??

Happy holidays!! Loved your card! Thanks for sending it to me. :)

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas! It looks like you guys had a great one. I have the same mixed emotions about Christmas coming to an abrupt end.

I love the photo of Landon putting out the goodies for Santa. He's just precious. I hope he believes for another couple of years :-)

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