Gift Card Holders

IMG_1942 Last night I finally got around to looking for a tutorial online for making gift card holders. I came across several, but decided on this one. These were so easy to make and the tutorial was easy to follow. I really like how they turned out...kinda makes me wanna go pick up a few more gift cards! ;) The flash kinda drowns out the snowflake on the top left holder, but we are having a lot of rainy weather so it's a little dark in the house. But, you get the idea anyhow. The other day when I went to get a few supplies at Michael's I came across this book as well as this one. Both books are great, but I am really impressed with the first one! There are so many great ideas in it and most of them really are simple! Now, I suppose I will need to pick up some supplies...

IMG_1944 Oh, and when your child does this does it mean they will be destined for tattoo's when they are old enough? This child come's home with writing somewhere on her every day! I swear they don't have enough to do in class sometimes! ;)

Well, Landon is waiting for me to play Boggle with him...and I gotta get that pic of his missing teeth! He looks so cute!


Carmen O. said…
Yes my 15 yr old comes home with tons of writing on his hands and arms. Also on his jeans. Of course we wrote on our jeans too.
onescrappygal said…
Love the gift card holder!! What a fantastic idea!! :) Beautiful work!

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