Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tiny Tree's

IMG_1863 Another busy day has passed, and man I just feel like it's probably going to be this way till Christmas is over. I like it and I don't. I just don't feel like I get enough accomplished in one day. My list is long, and things are getting checked off very s-l-o-w-l-y. I'm sure that I'm not the only one feeling this way. I did get one thing off my shoulders though...Christmas cards are (finally) in the mail! Hooray! I love making the cards every year, but next year I am hoping to make 1 design for everyone, and no stitching or brads! That took forever on the one's I did that on!

Tonight we all sat down and worked on more little ornaments. IMG_1937I bought this little kit from Michael's and it was easy enough for the kids to do by themselves, but the kit made 12 so of course Tony and I got in on the fun!  They turned out really cute, but I'm not sure what we're going to do with them yet!

IMG_1926 Right before Landon went to bed tonight he asked if he could give the dog a treat. I keep the treats in a plastic container on a shelf above the washing machine. Well, he has to jump up on the washer to get to the container, but today, when he jumped, he slipped and smacked his mouth on the washer. When it happened I was in the basement and Tony was upstairs with Landon and I wasn't aware that he was hurt. IMG_1927 Tony came down after a few minutes and told me I needed to come up and see Landon because he had fallen on his face! I rushed upstairs and he was a mess, blood coming from his loose tooth, and of course he was upset and crying. So, when I looked in his mouth I was surprised there was a tooth at all, but eww, it sure was gross looking! I got him a wet washcloth and told him to bite down on it gently, and a minute later the tooth was in my hand. It looks like he cut his gum a little and it's sore, but other than that, he's fine...and looking forward to some tooth fairy money! (I'll be sure to get a picture tomorrow, it was just too traumatic today!)

Speaking of traumatic...during the time that I was tending to Landon's bloody tooth ordeal, Tony is pacing and then decides he has to sit on the floor because the whole dilemma is making him sick! Yeah, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor! I thought he was going to puke or pass out, but luckily he did neither. He eventually got up then had to go outside to cool off a bit...he just doesn't do well with the whole blood thing I guess!

{Sorry Tony, you know I can't pass us a good story!}


Tony said...

Ok, I may have wimped out a bit at the end; however I had been dealing with this injury for about 5 minutes before I came to get you. It wasn't until I saw Landon's tooth dangling from his gums, blood pouring, no gushing from the gaping wound, that I began to feel queasy.

The whole time I was remembering a kid, of about Landon's age, which had fallen playing on a jungle gym. He landed the same way Landon did, right on his front teeth. The main difference is that kid was sent to the hospital, because his teeth went back through the gums and cut into the inside of his lips.

Horrifying. Gratefully Landon is ok.

Lydia said...

Your mail box looked like mine did last week!

Anonymous said...

I had my tonsils removed when I was 21. My husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, went with me to the hospital to get me all checked in for the surgery. While the nurse was putting in the I.V., Chris watched and then his eyes glazed over and he was unstead on his feet. The nurse asked if he was OK and I told her to forget about him until she finished putting in my I.V.!! Really people! Chris is a wimp when it comes to blood/pain so I don't know how he managed to be there for two of our babies births. He says he threw up afterwards, and tells everyone how he had ringside seats to the bloodbath. :-)

Water Balloons

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