Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sparkly Ornaments

IMG_1808 Since we didn't have much going on tonight (nothing actually!!!) I decided it would be a good time for us all to make some little Christmas ornaments. I made a couple  last year, but I have no idea what happened to them! Dottie (my mother-in-law) was saying that she didn't have enough ornaments on her tree, but that she didn't feel like buying more, so I thought we could all make her some. At least then she will have some for her tree next year. Right now she only has gold balls and Hummel ornaments on her tree, so these will be quite different, but I hope she'll like them any ways! Once I get the ribbon attached for hanging I'll try to get a better shot. Tony is the only one who didn't finish, he said it was just too tedious! I may go up to Michael's and see if they have any other easy (non tedious) ornaments for us to make as well. Good excuse to get back to Michael's anyways, right?!


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Amanda said...

Those look so neat! Can't wait to see a close up of the finished product. We made reindeer ornaments out of craft sticks this year :-)

Water Balloons

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