Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scientifically Speaking


Today was Zoe's science fair at school. As part of the IB program the kids are required to submit a project. I think the hardest part of this process is thinking of a topic! I went up to her school around 9:30 this morning and I couldn't believe how many projects were set up in the auditorium! The letter home stated that there would be close to 300 projects set up, but I just didn't realize how many that was until I walked in! Zoe's project was titled "Does wearing nail polish affect nail growth"? Here are a couple photo's of the auditorium, but I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing because there were students browsing through the aisles.



I know these aren't the best pics, but from one end to the other all you could see were projects! Among them I saw some interesting ones, and some silly, but most were really well done. One was about a "Gum Chewing Guitarist" who tested the theory of wether or not chewing gum helped him to keep time with his music. Another was testing wether or not the temperature of a tennis ball had anything to do with how it bounced!


Carmen O. said...

Wow how fun! I love science projects, but always had difficulty coming up with something different.

Nnairda's said...

A lot of projects! What was the verdict? Does nail polish affect nail growth?


The Fry's said...

Hey angela, just stopping by!!! I also was curious about the verdict on the nail polish. That is amazing how many projects there were... I browsed through your latest posts. It looks like ya'll had a great Christmas. Sorry I haven't been around in a while... I'll be checking back!

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