Be Mine Luv Bug



I found this paper that looked like Valentine's Day cards the kids would give out and I had to have it! I knew the minute I saw it that I wanted to do 2 pages like these with it, and waa laa! I've seen people using these round flowers a lot lately so I thought I would give it a try and I am really happy with the results!


Carmen O. said…
ok blogger seems to be having problems...

I like your layouts! I thought at first you did use some of your kids' valentines. What paper line is this? It's so cute and I love how you laid it out!
onescrappygal said…
I have never seen this paper before but I love your layout! You have actually given me a wonderful idea!! The first Valentine's Sammy ever got last year... now I know how I want to lay them out on a page. Thanks!! :)
too cute! i may have to try scrapping. just one though.
Lydia Siegel said…
WOW! I havent been by in so long. Sry about that. I love your los and the pink playdoh valentines (above) are so cute.

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