Thursday, February 26, 2009


A very simple 2 pager about Landon's Valentine's Day party. He was so happy to pass out his pink playdough! The class played a game of pin the nose on the heart after they had all finished eating and because Landon was last to go, he got to spin the teacher around before she tried to pin the nose on the heart! He was thrilled that he got the job!



Carmen O. said...

How awesome! I love the border/edging. Is it a new fiskars border punch?

ValAnn said...

I agree with Carmen... very cute lace look to the white paper! I love the colors on the pp as well.

Adriann said...

Lovely 2 pager!

I know, it rarely snows here. I think I'll take the little we get versus the 6 -10 inches you're expecting. Brrrr!!!!

Children and snow... it's like they can't feel the the cold. I'm sure you'll have some great pics to share in the morn!


Adriann said...

Sorry about that. I'm posting from my other blog.

Amanda said...

I love the layout. I need to try putting my photos in a line like that. It looks so cool!

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