Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Perfect Hill

IMG_3178 After all the snow dances and hoping and keeping our fingers crossed, we finally got a decent size snow yesterday. It actually started late Sunday, and school was canceled for Monday by 8pm Sunday night! The kids were just beside themselves! They couldn't believe their luck! Monday ended up being a nice day at home for all of us. The roads weren't cleared in our neighborhood until late in the evening. Unfortunately the wind was really strong all day Monday so the kids didn't get to enjoy the snow much after all, it was just too cold. So, the kids mostly played inside with their neighborhood friends, but Landon would go out sporadically to play, and then come in to warm up. He said it was one of his best days ever. That, my friends, is why I love snow days. It just makes my kids so darn happy.

IMG_3186 Today I was busy getting the house cleaned up and running errands. My to do list was incredibly long, but I got every single thing on it accomplished...but, boy am I tired! Today was Zoe's first day of track, they practiced and worked out indoors (thank goodness) and she said she got a work out of a lifetime! It's been awhile since she last exercised so I'm sure it felt pretty intense. She is such a trooper though and she said she likes it so far. It helps that many of her friends are doing it also. I had to go pick her up from the school at 4pm, and on the way home we spotted some people sledding down a hill, right behind our neighborhood. I couldn't believe I had never thought to take the kids there! As soon as we got home, I got the kids to get changed into their winter stuff and off we went  to sled. We walked, that's how close it is! It was a blast!

IMG_3193 IMG_3200

IMG_3210 IMG_3214


IMG_3229 IMG_3203


Carmen O. said...

How fun! I enjoy the snow just don't like the cold and ice. You sure got some great photos! Have a great evening.

ValAnn said...

I'm with Carmen. I love snow days and love looking at the snow, but give me a warm blanket and cup of coffee and I'll have fun watching the snow fun from inside where it's warm! Glad you got to enjoy the snow!

Adriann said...

They look so happy! I love the picture taken from your deck. So scenic.

Amazing the little things that make children hapopy!

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