Friday, March 13, 2009

For the Birds



This Emu was checking us out. We would walk down the fence and it would too. Kind of weird being followed by a bird, but I suppose they may feel that way with people looking at them all day!



Did you think that the above photo's were Ostrich's? Well, if you did, you were mistaken! These giant birds are Rhea's! They sure look like Ostrich's though don't they?



Flamingo's! Compared to all the other brown birds at the zoo, these sure stood out! They were all so pretty...sleeping on their one little toothpick leg.


The Scarlet Ibis was in close contention for the prettiest zoo bird, but for me there is just something about those gorgeous flamingo's with their long curvy necks and long legs...but, the Ibis is certainly a close second!



Landon loved the owls. He asked us to find the owls so he could see them, and I'm glad we did because they were really cool looking!

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Water Balloons

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