Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zoe's Sonnet

Zoe's class has been working on poetry and Shakespeare lately and they all had to write a sonnet of their own. I thought Zoe's was pretty good, so I am going to share it here!

The sonnet is written in a specific format, it follows this pattern: ABABCDCDEFEFGG, there are fourteen lines, ten syllables each.

Sprinting from the monster in the pitch black

The boy tries to hide his fear by smirking

He will become the monsters yummy snack

Maybe he will save his eye as a ring

The boy only thinks of such nasty thoughts

Now he see's a girl which brightens his day

She is pretty and has lots of curls, lots

He runs over to her, her name is May

They run, now side by side, from the monster

Who in fact is getting really so close

Right now, the most important thing is her

The boy sees the monsters face, it is gross

He is now sweating and she is screaming

Wake up, realize you were only dreaming


Carmen O. said...

Very cool!

Tony said...

It is very well done. When I first read I didn't really like it until that last line, which brings it all together. Very subtle and very nicely done.

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