Monday, March 16, 2009

Modeling Debut!

Zoe participated in her school's Senior sponsored fashion show this year. The guy who was running the show asked her if she would like to do it and she reluctantly told him she would, and so it began! She was chosen to model for a store called Buckle, and we had to go into the store to get her fitted. It was fun for her because they just kept giving her clothes to try on and bringing her accessories to try with it, so she felt a little like a rockstar, getting that star treatment!
















Unfortunately the lighting in the auditorium was turned way down, so my photo's are terrible and dark...but you get the idea! Her hair and make-up was done by other students, and I think they did a pretty good job!

This dress that Zoe is modeling in the next photo is one made by another student in her school.



The dress fit her pretty well, and she did a great job showing it off! I am sure whoever made this dress was very proud!  I sure was!

After the show, I asked Zoe how she liked modeling...she said she would never do it again! She just doesn't like getting up on stage in front of people! I am glad that she was brave and gave it a try though!


Carmen O. said...

Kudos to her for giving it a try! I know when I was in Jr. High my sister modeled a robe I made her and other students modeled their clothes. My sister was all of 4 and enjoyed it wasn't scared at all and my friends my age were shakin in their boots. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the top she's wearing in the first photo!!

She might grow up to be a supermodel someday!! She's already taller than me! :)

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