Old Timey Photo's



On a recent trip to my parent's house, we came across these photo's we had done back on a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. I'm not exactly sure what year these were taken, but I am guessing 1988 or so. I would like to try to restore these photos, there are tons of marks all over them, and you can even see a fingerprint mark at the bottom of my dress on the top photo and on the bottom photo you can clearly see the oval frame it was once displayed in...if anyone has any advice on ways to fix these using Photoshop, I would appreciate it!

P.S. Aren't these pictures cool? I mean, we all look pretty cute all dressed up, but my brother is totally stealing the show here! Just look at that serious little face! I see a lot of my son in my brother's attitude here! :)


ValAnn said…
I love old time photos! I've heard of places that do restore them, but I wouldn't know names off hand, especially where you are. I'd google it and see what you find. There might even be a way to digitally do them...
Carmen O. said…
Good luck with the restoration! First I thought this was your immediate family but thought how come there is another girl? Your kids do look like you and your siblings! Have fun and I can't wait to see the results.

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