Just Keep on Swimmin’


Jaron remembered to bring his swim trunks up here (but not a jacket?!), so I took that as a hint that he wanted to go swimming. Landon loves swimming too, so after picking Zoe up from track practice we headed to the pool. (Zoe only likes swimming if it’s with her friends…but, once she got in the pool today I couldn’t help but notice that she was having fun. She even smiled a few times!) It was packed but the kids didn’t seem to notice and they had a great time. IMG_3766IMG_3775IMG_3753


Assassin said…
I do not know how to swim so they are lucky because I was not able to go somewhere to learn
Carmen O. said…
I just love their expressions in the first pic! Swimming does sound like a great time. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!
Amanda said…
How fun! The pools are all outside here and haven't warmed up enough to jump in yet. Looks like a good time!

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