Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Scientist

Landon, Science Fair 2009

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Last night we all went to Landon’s school for his science fair. For second graders participation was not required, but because Landon loves to do experiment’s we thought he should do it this year. His question was:

Do additives affect  the time required for water to freeze?

Simple, straight forward and not too time consuming…and it meant that Landon got to mix different substances in water and then freeze them!!! (For some reason Landon has a real interest in freezing water in the freezer all the time; I don’t understand it!) Needless to say, he was super excited about this project!

His hypothesis was that the plain water and the water with salt would freeze the fastest…but, we quickly learned that water with salt added doesn’t freeze completely for a LONG time! Even after 26 hours the salt water cup was still a bit slushy! The water that froze the quickest had cinnamon in it…not what I would have expected!

Since he missed school yesterday I wasn’t even sure we would be able to go to the fair, but both kids were feeling better after a day of lounging around, so we went and checked it out!

Some of the other projects that I thought were interesting were

  • Does packing with popcorn work as well as packing with Styrofoam? The results were yes, popcorn works just as well!
  • Does milk chocolate melt faster than dark chocolate? The answer was no, dark chocolate melted just a little quicker.
  • How does the lunch I pack effect the amount of trash that my school has? Obvious answer here, but interesting idea!
  • Does price equal strength? This was about which trash bag could sustain the most weight without breaking…and the winner was Hefty!

I feel like we need to start thinking of a project for next year already! For some reason that seems like the toughest part!

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