Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Run Zoe, Run!

Yesterday was Zoe’s second track meet, and this time I actually got to see her race! (Last time we got there too late and had to leave before her second race!) She was in two races yesterday, the 4x4 and the 800. I got to see the relay and she was really great! She kept a constant, steady pace and did really well for her school.

IMG_3619This was at the beginning of her leg of the race, right after she was passed the baton.

IMG_3620That’s her on the other side of the track, she’s the one in the white shirt!

IMG_3624And, the hand off! She really did do great! I missed the 800 race but she ran it in 2 minutes 54 seconds! She gets faster and faster each time. For her, this is 3 seconds faster than the last time she ran it!  

Yesterday morning Landon woke up with a nasty cough. We left our house extra early to go find him some medicine, and he sounded much better before school started, so I decided he should go. Well, at about 5:30 pm last night he started to complain that his head, throat and chest hurt. I gave him some medicine, and checked to see if he had a temperature (which he did not) and didn’t think a whole lot else about it.

Then around 7:30 pm we were up reading a book before bed and he couldn’t even get out a complete sentence without gasping for breath! I got really worried at this point and immediately called Nighttime Pediatrics. At first they said they couldn’t get us in until 9:50pm, but when I told them that was just too long to wait they found a way to work me in at 8:20pm. So, Tony decided to take him in and after a LONG wait, they finally saw him and decided he needed a couple nebulizer treatments as well as an inhaler and a steroid to take home.

He’s doing much better today, and we went to see his regular doctor to make sure that they wanted us to go this course with the meds (and because they have all of his history, and we wanted to make sure we were doing everything right!). So, he’s been playing ToonTown all day and enjoying every minute I’m sure!



And yes, that is Tony getting in on a little of the Toon action! Their characters are named Duke Pierre Bumblescooter (Tony) and Master Kookabarrell Bees (Landon). Funny, huh? Zoe played for awhile this morning too, so right now I am the only one without a character!


One last thing! Zoe also stayed home from school today! She hasn’t been feeling good for the better part of a week, so I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t get up for school this morning. She’s got a constant headache and a little bit of a cough. She’s just been laying around all day…but, notice the cell phone firmly planted in her hand, she just isn’t THAT sick! This is the first day of school my kids have missed all year and I am already looking forward to them going back tomorrow! ;)

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