Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bless This Nest

IMG_4470This is the second (maybe third )year in a row that I chose to hang fern’s from my front porch. This is also the second year in a row that I have caught finch’s building nest’s in my ferns. When I found the first one this year, I took it out so that they would find another place to build…and not crap all over my front porch, but quickly learned that these birds don’t give up easily as they came right back to build the very same day. What these little birds didn’t know though, was that I too, do not give up easily. However, the second time I went to get rid of the nest, I found this inside:

IMG_4463A teeny tiny egg. How could I just toss out a perfect little nest with a perfect little egg inside? I just couldn’t get over how tiny this little egg was! I took a thousand pictures of it and then realized that it was hard to tell how small this egg is, so I did this:

IMG_4466That little egg nearly fits within this dime’s diameter! The kids and I oohed and ahhed over this little egg, then we put it away so as not to tick off the mama bird who was no doubt ready to peck my eyes out. But, of course, the next day we just had to get another look at that little egg and we were surprised when we saw this:

IMG_4613Aren’t these cute?!? There were 4, but one was on the porch, broken. I can’t figure out why two of the eggs look one way and are slightly larger than the other one. Are there two different birds laying eggs in the same nest? I doubt it, but I’m going to have to look up the art of finch egg laying.

Then today, because I am infatuated with our future baby birds, I pulled down the nest and saw that there are now 2 small similar eggs and two spotted larger eggs! These things are multiplying! I am sooo excited! I don’t think I will be pulling that plant down anymore though. The last time I did that the mama bird was in there and she wasn’t very happy to see me!

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Carmen O. said...

OHH sweet! Can't wait to see the baby birds...well that is if you get a pic. I wonder how many will actually hatch? Those eggs are pretty!

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