Sunday, May 24, 2009

D.C. in a Day (pt. 2)


This is the view of the Jefferson Memorial from across the basin. It was a LONG walk from one side to the other, but we were able to stop and eat lunch along the way to break up the distance.


Our next to last stop for the day was at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The line to get in was very long, but we decided to wait it out since it seemed to be moving pretty quickly. We couldn’t get tickets for the permanent exhibits, so we just walked around the free areas.

There was one exhibit that told the story of the Holocaust from a child’s point of view, and that was very interesting and sad at the same time. It was easy for Landon to understand and the actual exhibit was really well done. At the beginning you see how the child lived before the Holocaust, then you travel through the ghetto and eventually to the concentration camp. It was very sad, but this exhibit showed how the child’s life changed from one stage to the next.

I didn’t get to take many photo’s inside the Holocaust museum, they only allowed photo’s in certain areas. The poster was outside the museum and Zoe is looking at tiles that were created by children about the Holocaust. There were hundreds of them, all unique and interesting.




After the Holocaust museum (and a soda/shade break) we headed into the National Museum of American History. It was packed inside, so we only stayed a few minutes. We were all pretty tired at this point, so the only photo I got was of this mirrored, wavy flag on the wall. Underneath it says: The Star Spangled Banner, The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem. Zoe and I thought it looked really cool!


On our way back to the Metro, Landon decided he needed to go to the bathroom (for the hundredth time!) so he and I ran over to the Smithsonian Castle where I got these last couple shots. The first is inside the building with the loot, and the second is back across the street on our way back to the Metro station.


We had such a great day…hopefully we’ll go back sometime soon! Next time we go, I think it would be really fun to tour the city like this:


Or this:


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Carmen O. said...

Wow looks like a great time! I'm such a history buff I know I'd like it. Too bad Washington DC doesn't have a city pass, that sure would make things easier. You can go to and see the cities that do, if you're interested. We went to Chicago when I lived in WI in 2005 using City Pass and at that time we used the tickets longer than they said you were to use them. I think they give you two weeks. But the passes are good for 2 yrs. at least they were at that time.

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