Friday, May 15, 2009

Finale Fever

I have come to the conclusion that I watch way too much television. I have seen more finale’s this past week than should be allowed. So, here’s a quick re-cap of the first few!

  • Celebrity Apprentice- Let me just start by saying I do not like Donald Trump, but I just can’t help watching this show. Especially the celebrity editions! I love to watch these “famous” people squirm and throw tantrums…it makes me happy. So, I was thrilled when Melissa Rivers threw her major tantrum, as well as when they kept showing what a major loser Dennis Rodman was. He may have been a super duper basketball player, but the way he treated people and was always drinking was rather appalling. I was really happy to see Joan Rivers win. How amazing is it that a 75 year old woman kicked all those other celebrity butt’s? I think it’s awesome, and I am glad that she beat Annie Duke…I couldn’t stand her from the first episode!
  • America’s Next Top Model- I was so happy when they chose Teyona and Allison as their final 2! I loved Allison from the very beginning, but about mid way through I really started thinking Teyona was awesome. I was lucky that both of my picks were in the finale! I just couldn’t lose! (Yes, this is all about me and what I want to happen!)
  • Biggest Loser Couples- My mom and dad have been watching this show for a few seasons and really like it so I thought I would give it a try. I missed the first few weeks, but once I finally remembered to set the DVR, I was hooked! I was really rooting for Tara, but must admit that I was really impressed with Helen’s determination. I was happy to see her win, though I would have been happier if Tara had won. Oh-well.

I still have a few finale’s to get through, Hell’s Kitchen, Ugly Betty and Survivor, as well as a few more… I’ll update on those as I watch! Stay tuned. Both of you.

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