Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Bash

Yesterday afternoon was Landon’s birthday party. He’s never had a party outside of the house, so this was a real treat! Usually his parties consist of outside water play of some sort, food on the grill and a bunch of sweaty hot adults. This has always been the kind of party Landon wanted. I couldn’t convince him to do anything else! No Chuck E. Cheese, no bowling or skating…he just wanted slip and slides, water guns and blow up slides. This year I had had enough of those kinds of parties, they’re just a lot of work!

This year, we had his party at Bounce Around, an indoor moon bounce play area. There were several moon bounces for the kids to play on…and the adults too! After the bouncing we went into the party room for cake (I forgot the ice cream!) and to open presents. This boy made out like a bandit, he received a lot of great gifts! We all had a great time, and now I’m pretty sure he’ll be willing to do another party like this next year!

The climb up the giant slide!

Tony and Landon coming down the giant slideJaron, Tish and Zoe coming down the giant slideHappy Birthday to Landon!IMG_5131

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Carmen O. said...

Wow that looks like an awesome place to go for a birthday bash! Noah's 9th birthday was at a gymnastics place so there was a lot of foam and bouncing! Always fun for kids.

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