Monday, June 22, 2009

Browns and Whites


This isn’t the first time Landon has used the slip and slide this year, but it is the first time I remembered to take pictures! This kid loves to play in the water, he just never tires of it. I guess Zoe’s too big for it now which is kind of sad really. She sure used to love it too.

Speaking of Zoe, she found an old diary of hers from when she was probably 7 or 8. Here’s one of the entries.

IMG_5666It reads: Deisha is cool and nice. Deisha is one of my bestfriends. Deisha is brown. Brown and whites are fine together.

After I nearly fell over laughing I realized this is probably the point in Zoe’s life where she realized there were kids that weren’t the same color as she was. She’s always had friends of all ethnicity’s but I think she just never thought about it before she was about 7 or 8.

I can remember when Landon was either 4 or 5 and he realized for the first time that his cousin was brown. He came to Tony and I and told us: “Did you know that Jaron is brown?”. He was just amazed by that fact, and Tony and I thought it was kind of cool that he didn’t see colors when he saw people. Now we know that Zoe never noticed color either!

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