Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day x2

Dad, Feb 2009

I am terribly lucky to be able to say that this is my father.

Seriously, he is one great guy.

  • Who else lets you mess with him incessantly while he’s trying to sleep?
  • Who else will do magic tricks in the middle of restaurants to keep the kids entertained?
  • Who else volunteers to fly into a war zone, sleep in leaky tents with a bunch of strangers, and deal with sandstorms all in an effort to serve his country and do his work?
  • Who else slips on a curb while cutting the grass and then has to wear a cast for months because the bone just won’t heal?
  • Who else loves the 4th of July and Halloween more than his grandchildren?

Yep, my dad is one awesome guy. He’s terribly funny, passionate about his work, loving and generous.

I Love You Dad! Get home safe, we miss you!

Tony w/ kids June 21, 2009Not only was I lucky enough to have a terrific father, I actually married a fabulous man too!

  • A man who was willing to be a father to my (then) young daughter and eventually ask to adopt her.
  • A man who was willing to give up nearly all his sleep and free time to attend school and work the graveyard shift in order to make our lives better.
  • A man who loves his children and actually spends lots of time with them.
  • A man who puts up with me, and still loves me even when I drive him crazy.
  • A man who will get up and help when anyone yells that they need help doing something…as long as you remember to say please! ;)

I am so proud of you Tony. You are a wonderful father, a terrific husband, an excellent student and a dedicated, hard worker. I am so happy that we have you, and I love you! Happy Father’s Day!

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Carmen O. said...

Wow you are one lucky gal! Two awesome men in your life. Great post Angela!

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